3 Pronged Strategy to Launch @Cemmerce Into the Stratosphere


This post is written for an audience of one (Dror), but I think the principles apply to most companies looking to make a splash. Continue reading at your own risk. :-p

While attending NMX/BlogWorld, I had a chance to meet with the boys from Cemmerce.

I had no idea what Cemmerce is, but the Founder Dror and Biz Dev guy Mike, were more than happy to explain.

“It’s contextual text ads with affiliate links”, they said. Great, I got it. So it’s like Skim Links, I asked. They said “yup, only better”. Sweet.

We had a chance to chat it up, and I asked them what they would like to accomplish while at NMX, and they told me that they are looking to connect with product review bloggers. Great, I know a few, I’ll make some intros, I said.

If you are a product review blogger and would like to be involved in testing, features suggestions, and development of Cemmerce, you should contact Dror and the boys.

Me being me, I couldn’t help but start to think about how I would launch Cemmerce. So here’s my three pronged strategy for launching Cemmerce into the stratosphere.

Build Your Tribe

The first thing I would do is go to Triberr, create a new tribe and call it Product Review Bloggers.

Contact as many bloggers who fit the description and invite them into your tribe. You can use Triberr, Twitter, Facebook, forums, G+, or wherever else product review bloggers tend to hang out. Just find them and bring them into the fold.

You will not only be sharing their stuff -which they will appreciate the hell out of-  but since you’re connecting them with one another, you will be building a ton of social capital with these bloggers.

And while it’s hard to predict what will happen when you connect bunch of people with one another, the outcome is usually magical.

Build Your Own Engadget

I asked Dror what would be his wildest dream? In other words, if there is one site where he would like his product to be used, what would that site be?

He said “Engadget”.

He also said Uncrate and Gizmodo, but Engadget is the one I know, so we’ll go with that one. 🙂

I don’t know that Engadget would ever even consider Cemmerce. Engadget has a lot of man power, so they don’t need the speed, simplicity, and convenience of Cemmerce.

And since Engadget has many different broadcasting avenues (podcasting, events, etc.), they have many opportunities to monetize their overall presence through ads.

In other words, while I wish I was wrong about this, I don’t think Cemmerce will ever make it to Engadget, Uncrate, Gizmodo, or any other similar site.

The solution? Make your own Engadget.

I know this doesn’t match Cemmerce’s core skill set. Cemmerce is not in the publishing business, but all they would need is someone who can design a killer website. The content can be easily reblogged via their Product Review Bloggers tribe.

Go Atomic

The last piece of the puzzle is the Atomic Tribe on Triberr.

Once Cemmerce has its own product review blog a la Engadget, and they are able to bring content to it from their tribe, all they have to do is go Atomic.

Atomic Tribes are a lot like RSS/Email marketing, except the members connect their Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn, and every time there is a new post, those members share it via their social channels. This process is entirely hands-off and frictionless.

Of course, it requires people to be willing to join your Atomic Tribe, which requires your blog to be awesome, but I’m pretty sure Dror and the boys can pull it off. 🙂

Speaking of joining Atomic Tribes, mine is here.

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