3 Innovations to Landing Page Design for Online Webinars

Triberr is the only platform that sells Webinars like this, that I’m aware of.

We have 3 elements in our Webinar landing pages that are kind of unusual, and I’d like to share them with you and explain why we do what we do.


Comments on a regular blog post = typical. Comments on a landing page for a Webinar? Not so typical.

You have something to say? You have feedback, before or after the webinar? Comment section is yours.

Everyone keeps talking about that whole “transparency” thing in Social Media…well, here it is. 🙂

The Dark Side

Having open comments on the Landing Page can probably backfire. People could say anything they want, maybe even derail your sales.

So far, that hasn’t happened to us, but one never knows. We are exposing ourselves, and choosing to believe that people are basically good.

Attendee List

You can see exactly how many people have registered, who they are, and you can connect with them before the Webinar.

We want Triberr to be the catalyst for Bloggers to make connections with one another. Whether it’s within a Tribe, or in real life, or Webinar.

So the Attendee list is there on the landing page, for everyone to see.

The Dark Side

Being transparent can easily backfire. Until there are 20-30 people signed up for a 100 people webinar, the social proof is not quite there.

Crowds go where the crowds are. Without a crowd to begin with, people can be reluctant to sign up. But we show the Attendee List anyways.

Emotional/Factual Split

The sales copy is in the body of the post. It features typical action items, questions, buying triggers, etc.

The right-hand sidebar has the factual information. Time, date, cost, etc.

The Dark Side

People usually expect “Register Now” calls to action somewhere in the middle of the text. Repeatedly. Ove rand over again. I think that looks cheap.

So, we made the “Register Now” box a floating box that scrolls down as you read the text. It looks pretty nice, but I bet you some folks get little confused trying to figure out how to register.

Changing old habits has probably cost us a few sales.

I’ve Said It Before…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

I don’t know if we’re doing it right, or if we’re doing it wrong. But we are doing it different.

Putting It All Together

Unfortunately, makers of Landing Pages usually focus on no comments, no transparency, and traditional placements for “call to action” buttons, so we had to code the whole thing ourselves.

To see all this in action, visit our latest webinar page How To Get People Addicted To Your Blog.

Dino Dogan

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