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Why I Hate Myself

That’s me on any given day. A walking billboard. An advertisement I pay to broadcast. And I fucking hate it. Don’t worry tho. I don’t really hate myself. I love myself very much. It’s just that this particular aspect of me is something I abhor. The good news is, there might be a way out. The Jacket The Harley-Davidson […]

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How to Protect Your Online Reputation [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you aware of the online reputation that you or your business have?  Do you keep tabs on all the web properties that people could find?  Weather you’re selling something, looking for a job or even looking for a date, you can be certain that you or your business will be ‘Googled’ – online reputation […]

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What matters to you the most? Traffic, comments, shares, or something else?

My previous post was titled The Philosophical Origins of Triberr. I KNEW that was a terrible headline for people to see in their Twitter stream, or in their Facebook timeline. I KNEW that most people will NOT look at that and think “oh my…I just have to bone up on my philosophy and Triberr connection.” I […]

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Instagram BAM! Instagram Web Profiles Coming Soon

Two days ago, Instagram announced that they will be launching web profiles, accesible and viewable on your computer. For the uninitiated, Instagram was a strictly phone app, up until now. Within next week, all Instagrammers will have their own profile accesible via All the other functions (like Follow, share, comment, etc) will also be available to web users. What Does It Mean? […]

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The Philosophical Origins of Triberr

You want to make sure no one reads your blog post? Put the word “philosophy” in the title. So if you’re here, about to read this, thank you for being extraordinary. Also, I’m not too sure I have the linguistic skill-set necessary to fully convey what I would like to convey. But I’ll give it a go. So, anyways…what is […]

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