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Caught on Tape: Human Engine Optimization at #TribeUpNYC

This was my talk at the TribeUpNYC last weekend. It really felt like home turf. The atmosphere was loose, everyone was super awesome and really having fun enjoying each other’s company. My sessions is about Human Engine Optimization, or to put it in less geeky terms, the human side of SEO. It also covers how regular […]

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Eff You @webex

Sometimes I like having a blog. And sometimes I LOVE having a blog. Because sometimes I get to shit on people that piss me off. Today, the lucky recipient of the Cleveland Steamer is Webex. If you don’t know what Webex is, that’s OK. Just use Google Hangouts or SpreeCast. Both are better AND free alternatives. Why […]

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Caught on Tape: How to Get+Keep Readers #TribeUpNYC Speaker @geoffliving

I was busy running around so I missed Geoff’s performance. I am so happy we decided to video tape all the speakers, because I was able to go back and watch it all, and now you get to do the same. This whole week I will be running all 6 sessions that the attendees of […]

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