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How Some Bloggers Are Stepping Up Their Game

That’s not really fair. It’s not just bloggers who are stepping up their game. The readers of blogs are stepping up their game as well. Few weeks ago, Triberr deployed a brand new way for Bloggers and readers to engage with each other. Atomic Tribes. Bloggers can invite super-fans to join their Tribe on Triberr, […]

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Your Favorite Websites! Before They Were Famous [Infographic]

Here’s a little thing I threw together last night. I used google and to pull up old pages of some of my favorite websites. It’s interesting to see how far they’ve come. In the “Sources” section I went on a little rant about the state of Blogosphere. Mainly pointing out the ridiculous things that pass for […]

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Why Should a Small Business Use Social Media At All?

Twitter has not been readily accepted as a small business tool yet but there are those who are having a great deal of success using it in many ways. So why should small business be using social media at all? The most prominent reasons are responding to customer questions, networking and education… but there’s more. […]

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