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What Happens if You Violate Twitter’s New Logo Guidelines?

Twitter has a new logo. I know…who cares, right? Especially since the change is from a blue bird to a …..wait for it…a blue bird. Along with the new logo, came new guidelines of how others are allowed to use the logo. Pictured below are all the ways in which we’re not allowed to use Twitter’s […]

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Facebook Pages Get a Business-Friendly Makeover

User Friendly, Honest! Facebook has never been business friendly. In its early development focus was rightly on the end user, controlling networking activity within its closed wall environment. At one time Facebook Pages required you “Friend” each other with your personal profiles if you wanted multiple people to manage a business page. Now you’re only […]

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You Don’t Have To Be a Slave to Facebook to Get Fans

Alright, here goes. I’ve been ignoring this for far too long. I’ve been keeping my thoughts to myself. I’ve been encouraging myself and others to persevere through this traumatic experience called Facebook Pages. I’m going to suck it up and say what I really think about Facebook Pages. I think they suck. Really, I’m so […]

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Does Starbucks Deliberately Manipulate Its Customer’s Emotions?

With 12,811 locations in US alone, and 10 days to do it, in order for Starbucks to reach its “goal” of 250,000 check-ins, they need less than 2 people to check in per day, per location. So then why all the song and dance, Starbucks? I was doing some work at my office -aka a […]

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How Twitter and Facebook Destroyed The Blogosphere

Popular sites that got launched prior to 2005 (Mashable, HuffPost, ReadWriteWeb, and many others…) benefited from the culture that existed in the blogosphere prior to Twitter and Facebook. If you wrote a blog post, and I wanted to alert my audience of your post, I would write a post of my own, and link to […]

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The Local Online Marketing Opportunity [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Local Web Back in the ’90′s when the Internet was starting to become relevant for business, many companies were building websites with the aim of reaching markets further afield. Hence the World Wide Web. In the last few years Social Media has grown in popularity, becoming a significant marketing opportunity for many businesses. Behind […]

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