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How To Add Google Plus Share Button to PDF

This is the best and easiest method to embed G+ share button in a PDF. Check it out. Requirements Adobe Professional or another app that can modify a PDF file Google Plus share button image About 10 minutes of your time Here we go. Step 1 – Get the Button Find the button you like […]

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How Not To Suck at Email Marketing

This week was the Email Marketing week on DIYB. I hope you enjoyed it. To conclude our romp through various aspects of email campaigns, I’ve decided to end on a high note covering ways in which deliverability of your email marketing could be improved. But first… It helps to know how it all begun It […]

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How To Avoid Most Common Email Marketing Mistakes

I mentioned in a previous post how OCD I get before I send an email to Triberr mailing list. Email Marketing is a game best suited for detail-oriented individuals, and I am far from it. So the only way I can get through it is by checking, then re-checking, then re-checking, then… In keeping with […]

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How Do You Personally Define Spam?

I pride myself on the fact that Dan Cristo and I provide a unique, original and useful service to bloggers and our community members are fanatical about it. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t get people who sign up, accept the “send me occasional emails and keep me in the loop” option, and then […]

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What is the Best Time to Send an Email Campaign?

Take it from the reluctant Email Marketer, sending mass emails can be a crap shoot. After 8 months of resistance and refusal to send email campaigns to Triberr members, I relented and started a Monthly Triberr Newsletter back in November of 2011. Our open rates stink and I wondered why… Maybe it’s because our members […]

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The History of Email – Infographics

I don’t know about you, but it feels WAAAAY different to send an Email Marketing Campaign to few hundred people (number of subscribers to DIYB) versus tens of thousands of emails (number of subscribers to Triberr). Every time I do it -about once a month- I pause, check all the links, then pause again, then […]

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