Archive | November, 2011

Everybody Is Hired!

I want this post to serve two different yet related points. First one is reflected in the title. Everybody IS hired. And second one is to actually offer you a job. Everybody IS Hired If you’re one of those people stuck in a cubicle doing your 9 to 5 slow march towards death, perhaps you […]

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Reverse Engineering a Microsoft Windows 7 Commercial – Video

If commercials were jokes, then Microsoft’s Windows 7 PC commercial -which I’m about to show you- would be a 30 seconds long joke with 25 seconds of setup and 5 seconds long punchline. The “setup” is designed to do two things. Occupy our rational brain with facts (dogs protect us, extend our lifespan, improve our […]

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Why Your Blog Will Never Win Google’s Affection

I have a niche site. It’s about dogs . As you might imagine, “dogs” is a popular topic amongst humans, so competition for search traffic is fierce. No matter how hard I try, my little blog will never rank high on google’s search results. And here is why. What’s Age Got To Do With It?  […]

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