Archive | September, 2011

New Discovery! Advertizing Message Found In Amniotic Fluid

Where should I go to escape being bombarded with advertizing messages? Asked Morgan Spurlock in his latest documentary The Greatest Movie Ever Sold. To which Ralph Nader replied, “To sleep”. Well, Mr. Nader may be wrong. At least he’s wrong when it comes to unborn babies. Those Who Enter… Las Vegas casinos have long mastered […]

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The Solution to US Postal Service Bankruptcy

US Postal Service is in trouble. If Congress doesn’t infuse large amounts of cash into the system, US Postal Service will go bankrupt. That would make America the only civilized country in the world without a national parcel delivery system. But, here’s the funny part. NOBODY CARES! In this post, I will focus on the […]

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5 Reasons Your Online Biz Is Failing

It is a common misconception that you just need to build a website, set up some auto tweets, write some articles about the same shit someone else already wrote and you will be sitting at the pool drinking fru-fru drinks with little umbrellas in them. WRONG! It takes a lot of hard work, long hours, […]

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