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Can a Specialty Shop Selling Superpowers and Underground Lairs Turn Profit?

A small, specialty shop, catering only to wannabe superheroes is unlikely to thrive in a rural area or even a small town. It’s too specific and too narrow. There are simply too few prospects living in rural areas who are on the market for saving damsels in distress and fighting off evil geniuses. However, Superhero […]

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WiseStamp: Are You Leveraging Ancient Technologies to Improve Your Social Media Standing?

The ancient technology I am referring to is email of course. The idea is simple. You wouldn’t hand out a business card (another ancient technology) without your phone number on it, right? So why would you “hand out” your email without your Social Media contact information in it? Here is what your email signature might […]

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Making Your Internet Browsing Safe From Prying Eyes at Work

You ever get a hankering for reading a blog or checking out some site that doesn’t look “business-y” but there’s your boss or coworker hanging around just waiting for you to slip up so they can rat you out? I got your solution. Recently I discovered a nifty little plugin for Firefox called Decreased Productivity. […]

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Why Business Owners Must Take Web Design Into Their Own Hands

I dare anyone. And I mean ANYONE to challenge me on this one. .Web and Graphic designers; those artsy and creative folks follow ONE of two objectives when you hire them to design YOUR website or blog. They either follow their muse or They look to please the guy signing the check. More times than […]

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