2 Steps to Building Your Startup With Social Media

You have an awesome idea, you may have even produced a prototype or have a beta ready to go.

Your focus is on funding, the money that will fulfil your passion.

Your skills likely lie in your speciality, the reason for building your startup to where it is.

But until that funding comes through…

  • How do you get noticed?
  • How do you get your product to market?
  • How do you create awareness around your passion?

The Answer is Social

Many startups over look social media as a way to make the whole world aware of their passion and at little cost.

I’m aware that many will say they don’t have the time to do “Social”, but if it’s built into your daily routine, by the time you do become successful, it will be second nature.

For many startups marketing is not one of their strongest skill sets, but without marketing there will be no publicity and it will be tough to build authority in your market.

With some simple techniques, it can be easy to build authority and awareness at the same time you are building your business.

Step 1 is to Blog

Yes this can means writing, but if you really don’t want to write, use video or even audio to produce a podcast. One of the most important things you can do is to record your journey.

For one it gives you something to write about, for another it will remind you and others why you are pursuing your dream. Over time it will contain stories of how you over came issues and provide insight into why you made the decisions you did.

It will not only be of interest to potential customers but fellow startups looking for tips, and potential investors researching you as a potential investment.

As your startup grows, if you maintain your blog, posting regularly will become second nature and you will be able to utilise the skill for more lucrative marketing efforts in the future.

Step 2 is to Tweet

Twitter is a powerful tool. It provides access to information and insight to those that know how to access it effectively. Above all, it has the power to build your your authority; the type of authority that was previously available only in other forms, such as writing a book.

By curating information related to your startup you can build a following that is interested in your subject matter.

Through this curation you will build trust and relationships and eventually those followers will freely share what you have to say. Not just the information you have curated, but sharing your own blog posts, and even marketing your startup for you.

Take the First Step

The journey of a startup is a tough one. By blogging and using Twitter you don’t have to take that journey alone. Not only will you have people to share your experience with, but you you just might end up building a market, and attracting some funding at the same time.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can leverage social media to build your startup then try my latest online course How To Build Authority Using Twitter.

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