13 Ways To Curate Your Own Content Right Now!

There’s a lot being written about content creation and content curation. I’ve done my fair share of writing about the subject. The importance of creating your own content can not be stated enough to small business owners active on social media.As a social media consultant, one of my first questions to a potential client is ‘Who creates your content?’ and 9 out of 10 times they answer: ‘I have no content, yet.’


My wise friend Mallie Hart, a social media manager and graphic designer, often refers to the ‘Cobbler’s children without shoes’ phenomenon when we talk about our own content (and graphic design needs) as social media managers.

We are so busy creating content for our clients…we often push our own content needs to background.

If that describes you, I have some ‘out of the box’ content curation ideas for yourself or your clients using content you previously created!

  1. Pin quotes from your blog posts to your Pinterest boards. Use Share As Image for a direct (plain) image or create a branded image with a tool like PicMonkey to add your quotes to the images and pin them. Check out this blog post by Kristen Daukas of Atlantic Webworks explaining how to do just that.
  2. Use your pinned quotes from your Pinterest account on your Facebook Page, with a link back to your blog posts.
  3. Curate tips you give on your Facebook Page into blog posts. Do this every few months. Here is my latest example.
  4. Put your latest webinar or seminar PowerPoint slides on SlideShare.
  5. Create a book (or eBook!) out of some of your blog posts. Choose them based on topic or relevance. My friend Jayme Soulati did this with her book ‘Writing with Verve on the Blogging Journey’ and it looks beautiful!
  6. Use a blog post you wrote as the basis for a Podcast. Listen to the one I did with Social Media Unscambled about my S(t)weet Tips blog post here. The hosts David Deutsch of Synergisocial and Chris Curran of Fractal Recording were so fun to work with and the added traffic to the blog post from the Podcast was great!
  7. Use images and tips from your Facebook Page and turn them into an Infographic. Use a free tool like Piktochart to get your started.
  8. Use a question you answered in an email (about your business) as a ‘Tip’ about your industry in your next YouTube video. Use the video as the basis for another blog post.
  9. Hangout On Air YouTube videos make great blog posts if you take the time to transcribe the ‘gist’ of the conversation into valuable bullet points along with the embedded video.
  10. After you host a TweetChat or attend a live event with a hashtag, use Storify.com to curate the tweets. Embed the Storify story in a blog post. Here is an example of how the Social Solutions Collective uses Storify.
  11. Create a live event (seminar or workshop) based on your Facebook Tips or several of your most popular blog posts. Use the images and content you already have to teach! Don’t forget to create a hashtag and use those tweets for another article!
  12. Use your own blog content to start a List.ly list on a specific topic. Encourage others to add their blog posts on that topic to the list. Embed the growing list in yet another blog post periodically and share on your Facebook Page, too.
  13. Start a discussion in one of your LinkedIn groups based on a blog post or tip your wrote. Write a follow up article with a link back to the original post and with added content curated from the discussion.
  • How often do your ‘think outside the box’ and use your own content for curation?
  • Do you think you can apply these tips to other people’s content, too?
  • What other content curation ideas can you add to my list?

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