10 Ways to Make Your Next Infographic Totally Awesome [Infographic]

There’s been a war going on between Visualization Geeks and Link Baiters.

For the uninitiated. Visualization Geeks are the dudes who bring us amazingly awesome, really powerful, fancy-looking infographics.

Link Baiters are folks who do what they do to get YOU to link to them because Google said so.

Ok, now that the stage is set, lemme share with you something you may have not known.


Here is how it begun.

Visualization geeks “invented” infographics, infographics became popular to link to, link baiters jumped on the band wagon, visualization geeks got upset that today’s infographics don’t meet their lofty standards, link baiters said “hey man, F U”, and the war ensued.

Two Sides to Every Graphic

As an impartial bystander I can see both sides.

Visualization geeks are classic purists. They are thinking “how dare you soil my profession with your lousy infographics?!”.

Link baiters are utilitarian. They’re thinking “people are linking to infographics? Lemme make some infographics then!”

Who’s right? Both? Neither?

Reality Check

We’re ALL Link Baiters.

We all want people to pay attention to us, and to link to us. When visualization geeks create an infographic they are not thinking “oh gee, I hope no one sees it”.

On the other hand, visualization geeks often overdo it with their flights of visual fancy. Sure, the infographic may look stunning, and we may even link to it, but few of us actually take time to study and comprehend what it’s about.

And that’s assuming the sources are “for realsies you guys”, and the visualization is comprehensible to begin with. Cuz, lemme tell you…sometimes it ain’t.

I’m looking at you, visualization geeks.

Douchebag in Charge

So, this self-appointed Visualization King of blowhards from Forbes, called Jason Oberholtzer, attacks a friend of mine, Danny Ashton from Neomammalian Studios, about Danny’s Content Marketing infographic.

Danny’s infographic is a “beacon of tone-deafness” according to Jason. Source.

Thank god you didnt’ call him a “rapscallion and a common dandy”. Shit would come to blows. :-p

Let’s put aside the fact that shitting on other people’s work is fun (Jason and I clearly love doing it), Jason has made an entire series of posts shitting on other people’s lack of infographical prowess.

Well, one lousy link-baiter/infographic-maker decided to strike back, with vengeance.

Here is Danny’s infographic on how to make awesome infographics, that just might get Jason’s seal of disapproval. Enjoy.

10 ways to make your infographic totally awesome

Your Turn to Declare a Side

What’s it going to be?

Visualization brigade or Link Builders brigade?

Choose now!

And if you’re on the east coast, join us on September 22nd in NYC for an awesome conference focused on how to move the blogging industry forward. Jason, I’ll comp you’r ticket.

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  • http://www.unconventionallibrarian.com/ Pammy Pam

    you’r = your…?

  • http://www.theworld4realz.com/ Andi-Roo

    LMAO… I always thought Jesus was white, till this infographic schooled me right. Thank Christ for them interwebz, otherwise I’d still be in the goddamn dark ages!!! :p

  • Chelsea Blacker

    This is brilliant, and Jesus was totally behind infographics. I’m sure I remember from Sunday school a story where he draws in the dirt when a hooker is brought to him for an official judgement.

  • http://twitter.com/DesignsWebsites UK Website Design

    Have to disagree with point 5 – I recently got fined £1000 from Getty Images just because I used a screenshot of a website that happened to use an unlicensed image in its design! Just because the images are freely available on Google does not give you the right to use or publish them in any way. Google images is one giant honey trap for copyright infringement. It is actually big business tracking down people who have used your images and slapping them with a £1000 fine. Copy images at your peril, they will find you.