013 Did Mike Brooks Just Really Interview President Bush?

johncmorgan as bush This is a special Independence Day edition of the Nuclear Chowder Online Marketing For Small Business Podcast.  I have a very special guest on this July 4th podcast who is going to share some great insights for anyone running a business.

He held a great job.  But then in 2008 it came to an abrupt end.

He is going to share how he was able to start over and build an even bigger platform than he had before 2008.  It wasn’t easy after his “term” was up.  And his story is inspiring and motivational.

After I interview former president, George W. Bush, I am then joined by world renowned George W Bush impersonator, John C. Morgan, pictured on this page.  John had a phenominal career impersonating the President, even attending the second inauguration, being a guest on many TV shows as well as live speaking gigs.

When the Bush term was over, John’s phone stopped ringing.  In this inspiring interview, we talk about how John rebuilt his platform and today is busier and more successful than ever before.

I really think you will enjoy this conversation with my both of my very special guests today.  Make sure to leave a comment below and let me know what you got out of this special edition podcast.

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